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Qi Diagnostics and NasDaq-listed Avalon GloboCare Signed Agreement to Enter Diabetes Reversal and Weight Management Markets in The U.S. and European Regions

Qi Diagnostics and NasDaq-listed Avalon GloboCare Signed Agreement to Enter Diabetes Reversal and Weight Management Markets in The U.S. and European Regions

(Hong Kong, 14 April 2023) Qi Diagnostics Limited, a developer of innovative gas nanosensor technology and in vitro breath diagnostic devices, has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Avalon GloboCare Corp. (NASDAQ: ALBT). Under the terms of the agreement, Avalon will become the exclusive distributor for Qi Diagnostics’ KetoAir Breathalyzer device to market in North America, South America, the U.K. and the European Union. KetoAir™ functions as companion diagnostic and monitoring device for ketogenic dietary management and will initially target the diabetes reversal and weight management markets.

Qi Diagnostics is a Hong Kong-based medical device company with expertise in the development and manufacturing of proprietary Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) nanosensor-based in vitro diagnostic and screening devices. Qi Diagnostics has developed KetoAir™, a breathalyzer for ketogenic health management that has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It enables users to non-invasively measure their ketone levels by simply blowing into the device and provides accurate real-time reading of ketosis status.

Grover Cheung, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Qi Diagnostics Limited, is excited about this new partnership. “We are very honored to cooperate with Avalon GloboCare to bring our Hong Kong developed product to the international market. The ketogenic diet markets in the United States and Europe are not limited to people who need weight management.  Guided ketogenic diet is also applicable to diabetic patients for reversing diabetes which has long been commonly used in the United States and Europe.”  said Grover Cheung. “I hope bringing KetoAir™ to these regions can help local diabetics patients manage their health. I also wish that this concept of reversing diabetes can be brought back to Hong Kong, China and Asia in future to benefit more diabetic patients.”

“We are very excited to partner with Qi Diagnostics to exclusively distribute the KetoAir™ in North America, South America, the U.K. and the EU. Our initial go-to-market strategy will target diabetes reversal and obesity management. Increasing clinical evidence has demonstrated that nutritional ketosis is one of the most effective treatment options for sustainably reversing diabetes and weight management. A proper ketogenic diet has been clinically proven to reduce blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, and reduce inflammation,” stated David Jin, M.D., Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Avalon GloboCare. 

Qi Diagnostics and Avalon also intend to collaborate to co-develop a breathalyzer device for potential screening and early detection of lung cancer. Joining the expertise and resources

of both parties to accelerate the development of lung cancer breath diagnosis technology.


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Qi Diagnostics Limited 與美國上市公司Avalon GloboCare合作 


(香港,2023年4月14日)Qi Diagnostics Limited今日宣布已與NasDaq上市公司Avalon GloboCare Corp. (NASDAQ: ALBT)簽署合作備忘錄,Avalon將成為Qi Diagnostics的 KetoAir™氣酮機在北美、南美、英國和歐盟的獨家銷售代理商。KetoAir™ 是生酮飲食管理的伴隨式診斷和監測設備,將開拓逆轉糖尿病和體重管理市場。

Qi Diagnostics是一間香港生物科技公司,專長於開發和製造基於揮發性有機化合物 (VOC) 納米傳感器技術的呼氣體外診斷設備。Qi Diagnostics研發的 KetoAir™已獲得美國FDA認證,用戶只需向氣酮機呼氣即可無痛、輕鬆地測量自己的酮體水平,適用於使用生酮飲食來管理體重或糖尿病的人群。

對於這項新合作,Qi Diagnostics創辦人兼首席執行官張瑋鋒(Grover Cheung)感到興奮,他表示:「我們非常榮幸能與Avalon GloboCare合作,將香港科研研發成果發揚光大。美國和歐洲的生酮飲食市場不僅限於需要體重管理的人士,還適用於糖尿病患者逆轉糖尿病,這飲食療法在歐美早已被廣泛使用,將KetoAir™帶到歐美,可幫助當地糖尿病人管理健康。我們亦希望日後可將這個逆轉糖尿病概念帶回來香港、中國及亞洲,令更多糖尿病病人受益。」

Avalon GloboCare 總裁兼首席執行官 David Jin 醫學博士表示:「我們很高興與 Qi Diagnostics 合作,在北美、南美、英國和歐盟獨家分銷 KetoAir ™。 我們的進入市場策略將針對逆轉糖尿病和體重管理。 越來越多的臨床證據表明,營養性生酮是可持續逆轉糖尿病和體重管理的最有效治療選擇之一。 適當的生酮飲食已被臨床證明可以降低血糖、提高胰島素敏感度和減少炎症發生。」

Qi Diagnostics與 Avalon GloboCare亦有意向合作共同開發,用於肺癌篩查和早期檢測的呼氣檢測設備,結合雙方的專長及資源,加快開發肺癌呼氣檢測技術的速度。


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