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Our Product

We have both a clinical and personal care pipeline of device development. 

Personal Care Prouct

Ketone Breathalyser

The KetoAir breathalyser measures your keto status and logs your diet records in the KetoAir app. While the AI Nutritionist analyses the problems you are facing, and acts as your real-life consultant to find the solutions.

Product Development


Lung Cancer Breathalyser

A point-of-care (POC) breathalyser device for real time early screening of lung cancers


Problems on traditional screening tests:
  • Invasive
  • Restriction on repeatability
  • Risk of complication (2/1000)
  • X ray/CT scan have radiation hazard and cancer risk
  • Required trained personal to perform
  • Can only be done in hospital/laboratory

i-NOSE™ Sensor:

  • Novel synthesized light regulated nano-sensor unit (Patented)
  • Low cost and suitable for large-scale production
  • Library of sensing materials
  • Short diagnostic time and reliable result
  • Small portable
  • Absolutely non-invasive diagnostic
  • Low technical requirement to operate

“Breathprint” Database And AI Analysis Algorithm:
  • Analyzed by our patentable algorithm to compare with our proprietary “Breathprint” database of different diseases for diagnosis
  • As the database expands, the analysis will be more specific


Clinical & Home-use Asthma Breathalyser

The true FeNO measuring device for clinical and home use.