Our Story

Qi Diagnostics is committed to developing non-invasive breath-based testing to bring the world a non-invasive approach to health examinations. Through breath analysis, individuals can gain insight into their health status without invasive procedures such as blood tests, X-rays or surgeries that are time-consuming, expensive, and can deter people from getting tested until it's too late.

Qi Diagnostics was founded by two biologists, Grover and Kenneth, who previously worked together at an international biotech company responsible for genetic testing. They discovered that existing disease detection methods had many drawbacks, including being invasive, time-consuming, and expensive. As a result, they began researching painless, low-cost, and quick testing methods to help more people detect and treat health issues early on.

Who we are

Breath nano-sensors developer


Target for best support

Develop affordable non-invasive portable devices for personal health monitoring and early disease detection.


Our goals for success

Prevent sickness through sustaining health, reduce death by early diagnosis

Our Founder


Dr. KAM Wan Lung Kenneth

PhD (HKU), Mphil (HKUST) Former Vice President in BGI with 15 years of experiences in clinical product research and development. Managed research and cross fields collaboration projects.


CHEUNG Wai Fung Grover

Master in Business Management of Imperial College London. Former Regional Manager in BGI with 11 years of experiences in clinical testing and research service. Managed teams of sales and technical supports in NIPT, NGS research, cancer testing and etc.